The Bone Doctor Art Murder Mystery

By Susan Froyd

Not all interactive murder mysteries are alike. Tonight’s imaginative RedLine fundraiser, The Bone Doctor Art Murder Mystery, is a case in point. The creation of second-year RedLine resident Frankie Toan, the concept was honed by years of murder mysteries that Toan planned to celebrate his own birthday, which falls just before Halloween. For this dinner-theater production, Toan wrote the script, made the artful clues that participants can collect, and organized the entire event, which goes down over cocktails and a three-course meal at Arcana in Boulder. “This is all about fantasy and fun, and it fits in with my artwork, which is often about creating alternative realities,” Toan says. “It’s campy, but it’s also about looking for alternative worlds.”

Performed by young actors from the RedLine-based college prep theater-arts program Modest Arts, The Bone Doctorstarts out with a team of scientists working at an archaeology dig in Boulder. “They make an enormous discovery and hold an unveiling for it, where they are hoping to get more funding to finish the project,” Toan explains. For interactivity, dinner guests will each be assigned a character and then be seated with a circle of diners holding different identities.

Take a walk through Toan's world and solve the mystery of The Bone Doctor from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Arcana, 909 Walnut Street; for tickets – $125 for VIP admission, which includes a ticket to RedLine’s October 28 One Square Foot art sale and fundraiser, or $60 to $75 for the dinner event only – go to