Star Wars Shakespeare
to Jun 2

Star Wars Shakespeare

  • Denver Convention Center (map)
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Check out the Cinematic Shakespeare Company performing


At Denver Pop Culture Con Friday, May 31–Sunday, June 2 at 4pm everyday in Coast City

Friday, May 31
Verily, A New Hope

Saturday, June 1
The Empire Striketh Back

Sunday, June 2
The Jedi Doth Return

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to Oct 25

Section F: Touring Production

Touring production of Post Secret Project

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes will be a rehearsal process for the touring production of Post Secret.

Students will take their improvs, sketches and scripts and turn them into a performance for a touring production. The focused work will be based on Frank Warren's art project Post Secret. These performances will take place during the day in high school classrooms to show high school theatre students how we create text, story and plays. Modest Arts students will teach students of the public and private high schools in Colorado how they create work.

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to Sep 13

Section E: Crafting the Story

How do we turn stories from ideas into performance?

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes will teach students how to take sketches and ideas and turn them into performance.

Students will learn how to take improvised sketches and turn them into structured text. Through the use of storyboarding and treatment creation, students will create scripts that will be performed in a touring production in the fall.

Andy Ray - UNC Improvisational Team: CHAOS

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to Aug 2

Section D: Improvisation

What is improvisation and how do actors successfully accomplish it?

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes will teach students how to correctly utilize improvisation to grow the young actor.

Students will learn how to create story through improvisation. The classes will be co-taught by improvisational experts to teach students the fundamental skills required to improvise correctly and successfully.

Andy Ray - UNC Improvisational Team: CHAOS
Taylor Cozort - New School for Drama

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to Jun 7

Section C: Aesthetic Inquiry

What are the Aesthetics of Art and Theatre?

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes will delve into the aesthetics of theatre and design and will be the kick-off for the summer production.

Students will learn how to assess, observe and critique art, specifically theatre. This class will take field trips to the Denver Art Museum, Wonderbound, and theatre performances in the Denver area as well as meet for class to discuss and create theatrical designs and aesthetic concepts relating to theatre.

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to Apr 26

Section B: Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Training with some of Denver's Premier Musical Theatre actors

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes will culminate in the performance of the Spring Musical

Students will learn the skills required of training for a musical including vocal and physical performance. Guest instructors include: Lauren Shealy & Andy Ray.

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to Mar 15

Section A: Company Study & Portfolio

Company Training Work & Portfolio Building

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes are the kick-off for the Spring Musical

Students will learn how to grow as a company and prepare all the necessary items required of a portfolio, including head shots, résumé building and digital portfolio creation. Guest instructors include: Derek Nason & Andy Ray.

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to Jan 12

Section C: Creating the Role
(9-12 grade)

Constantin Stanislavski

Tuesday Nights 6-8pm

These classes utilize the Stanislavski System to creating a believable role in performance of a production.

Students will utilize their skills and apply them to a performance either in the Modest Arts mainstage of Romeo & Juliet or in an outside production.

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